Hey there!


I’m always looking for something new to try out, and am the go-to person when you have an unusual job that doesn’t fit most artists’ skillsets. I enjoy the challenge of exploring new materials and methods, as well as rediscovering dying arts.



Digital Visual Arts

bitmap, vector, pixel art, 2d animation, logos & branding, graphic design, poster & T-shirt design, digital & DTG printing, themes & skins, UI/UX


Traditional Visual Arts

ilustration, character design, world building, children's books & publishing, screen printing, acrylics, watercolors, graphite, color pencil


Games & Tech

videogame & interactivity design, web design & copyediting, QA/testing, documentation/tutorials, customer support, linux systems administration


Artisan Crafts

sculpture, plush & costumery, textile patterns, felt, cross stitch, embroidery, bookbinding, moveable type & stamp making, metalworking & welding, woodworking, theater design & production


Here’s some highlights of my work. For the latest updates on what I’ve been up to, check out my blog

A Rocky Start

Illustrated Children's Book

Mia and the Rocket Ship Tree

Illustrated Children's Book

OC Night Market and 626 Night Market

Pixel Art themed ad spots, site skins, and standees

Octopus Sculpture

Massive sculted display piece, with integrated iPad charging docks and power harness.

See Monkeys Prototype

IOT plush surrogate for parents away from home

Shwe Lann

Mobile Game commissioned by Heineken for a Myanmar-based safe-driving initiative

We Crave Raves

apparel branding and mascots


About the artist

Art was a childhood pastime that lead me to the Oakland School for the Arts’ Theater Design & Production curriculum. After relocating to Chicago, art became a hobby while I worked in IT as a Linux SysAdmin to pay the bills; in my free time I authored comics, developed video games for PC and Nintendo DS, built websites, sculpted statuettes, and made countless personal and commissioned illustration works.

In 2015 I ditched the financial security blanket that was IT to break into art full-time. I’ve also taught videogame art/animation as well as robotics as a volunteer for the Chicago Public Schools District, as a fulltime teacher at Magical Minds Studios, and via my own art livestream on Twitch with Discord for tracking assignments.

Otherwise you’ll find me listening to Swing-era music, keeping a massive garden in the warm months, watching shows like Star Trek TNG, playing video games, and enjoying calm days at home with my husband who I collaborate with on many projects. I also fly RC airplanes, do my own automotive work, and relish in tidiness.


Drop me a line!

I’m ready for just about any creative task; small one-offs, projects, multi-year undertakings, you name it! I can work with you one-on-one or as a member of your team.

I’m available anywhere you are thanks to the internet and shipping, but if you need me in-person at your worksite, I service the city of Chicago and surrounding suburbs, weekdays between 10am and 4pm. For locations outside of my service area I’ll work with you to arrange transportation and lodging.

Please feel free to reach out to me via your preferred method by clicking one of the buttons below so we can get started!

P.O. BOX 47046, Chicago, IL, 60647, USA