Dreamscape Proposal



A rendition of a scene from a client’s dream; commissioned as a rush Christmas gift for the gentleman’s wife.

My client described a vivid dream-made-reality 23 years ago when he took his then-girlfriend to St. Lucia to propose on a beach. He attempted to match it as closely as possible to what he envisioned that night, but the location has a large mountain in the distance, among other minor details which were beyond his control.

His wish with this painting was to recreate the dreamscape point-for-point, so we talked for a time to narrow down the details:

an empty beach devoid of palm trees but with a sense that there had been other tourists there earlier (we settled on footprints disturbing the sand), with a row of simple grass huts during a moonlight (full moon) night, what they were wearing, the exact pose, and the point of view.

The composition was a bit off, so my client graciously indulged my request to add beach grass to the foreground to emphasize the depth of view.

Client Testimony

“Cari did an amazing job, and completed it exactly within the time frame we discussed.”
- Matthew LaCroix

Completion date
December 2018
1 week
painting, illustration, traditional
acrylic on canvas
22 inches tall, 28 inches wide.
private collector
Chicago, IL, USA
Initial publication