A Rocky Start



This book went on to receive numerous awards (incl. 2018 International Book Award winning finalist, and 2017 Purple Dragonfly Book Award winner) and high praise on the author’s Amazon storefront.

I handled this project from start to finish, provided with just a .txt list of the words that the author wanted in them, and a general idea of the setting/character (brief description and a few reference photos).

I began by plotting out the project timetables and requirements for a detailed quote, then secured a relationship with a print shop near the client (so he could walk in to see the Proof copy when ready). I also secured the ISBN registration and bar code.

I proceeded with some thumbnails, followed by sketches, inking, watercolors, scanning, cleaning, lettering, digital color tinting, and arranging everything into a print-ready .PDF all while updating the client every step of the way with previews and working with him to implement any feedback he had to fully realize his vision.

Client Testimonial

“Breanne was awesome to work with and I am completely satisfied with my decision to select her. She was readily available when I needed to voice concerns and was very attentive when listening. I cannot say enough about her professionalism and the quality of work. She is a tremendously gifted illustrator and I’d recommend her to anyone. :)”
- Anthony Tucker, Author

Completion date
September 2016
6 months
illustration, traditional, digital, children's books & publishing
watercolors, Photoshop, bitmap
printed book, 32 pages, 8 inches tall, 10 inches wide.
Anthony Tucker, self-published author and public school teacher
New York City, NY, USA
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